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Launching THIS WEEK!

Later this week, I’ll be launching the FICTION section of my site! (You can find that link here)

In the FICTION section, I’ll be sharing with you guys some of the stories I’ve created in the past, most of which with the intent of future on-screen adaptions. Some of these stories are going to be stand-alone stories, and some of them are going to be a part of a series. Under the title of each post, I’ll be sure to include either “Stand Alone” or “Series: Pt. ___” to differentiate the two.

My goal for this section is simply to flex my writing muscles. Everyone knows that in order to see gains, you gotta keep flexin’. Any constructive criticism is welcome, but any harsh or just straight mean comments will not be tolerated. My screenwriting style typically falls under the “drama” genre, so in this section, I want to kind of step out of those boundaries and hone my short-story skills. These stories are only meant to entertain, so when you do take the time to read them, enjoy them!

I also want to encourage you to take the time to visit the CONTACT ME page and send me a quick comment. I think it'd be really cool for you guys to drop ideas you'd like to see me adapt into a short story, or even concepts you'd like me to incorporate into a series. I think everyone brings a certain something to the table, and it'd be really cool to see where more than just one mind could take a story!