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Love Your Friends

One of my favorite things to do after a good, toasty sesh is to reflect on all the important, positive things going on in my life. As I sit in solitude, I have my head in the clouds (figuratively and literally) and I can’t help but to be thankful for my friends...one in particular.

I’m currently chatting with my best friend about future career goals. She’s my soul sister. No one’s taking that title. She listens to me and she keeps my information private and my own. I appreciate these qualities in a friend. Not to mention, we’ve been soul sisters for...like ten years now? Somewhere around there.

I also appreciate that she doesn’t judge me, especially regarding my lifestyle, dreams, or goals. I had one friend awhile back who I offered to do a creative project with. It was something silly and would have required me stepping WAY out of my comfort zone to achieve. She didn’t say, “sure, I’ll tag along,” or give me tips on what would work and what wouldn’t. All she did was laugh. And when it was brought up years later, all she could do... was still laugh.

*snicker* “You remember when you wanted to get together for that one project? Omg that was so ridiculous. I knew you’d never do it!” *giggle*

It’s this immature, inconsiderate behavior that makes people embarrassed to be themselves. I told my soul sister about my dreams and goals. Her response? “Fuck yeah, girl!!” And she reminds me that every little task I complete, is one more step closer to where I need to be. This is the kind of friend anyone should strive to be.

People need people to bounce ideas off of. Two creative minds are better than one; we all know that. And if we were friends with just people who think like us, how exciting can that even really get? Let’s be honest. It’s boring af. Be diverse! Reach out to people who think differently. But most importantly...

Try to be a better person. I know change is weird, but try to accept people coming out of their shells. Do you honestly think every successful person felt comfortable throughout their entire journey? Highly doubtful. But I can almost guarantee they had a solid, reliable support system to back them up.

Even if it’s not your cup of tea, at least show up to the tea party. There’s plenty to drink here, sis, so pull your head out of your ass and love your friends. ❤️