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Zahlia Says Relax

As I’m starting off in this new venture in my life, I want to take a few moments to state a few things, just to clear the air.

I have wanted to become a writer since before I even knew what it meant to be a writer. I have thought in ways differently than everyone around me, and I have yet to meet an individual who thinks exactly the way that I do. Being a writer allows me to feel what I need to feel as a human and gives me a way to channel those feelings. Without having this outlet, I have no idea where I would be, mentally or physically. It's taken me a lot of balls to open up about my life and share it with the world.

Do not take that away from me.

Having said that, this is MY platform. I worked hard for it. Please, for the love, do not take anything I say on this site personally. I will only ever be writing from MY perspective, as sharing my perspective is one of my driving forces in life. Most of what I write about should be taken with a grain of salt, squirt of lime, and some tequila, baby, ‘cause I’m not easing up.

So please, just read the site with an open mind and HAVE FUN. If you’re going to take it personally, you can't sit with us. 👚